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Our Approach

I take an integrated approach to health care – one that recognises the importance of addressing the mental, emotional and physical facets, all of which are interconnected. I will facilitate your own healing journey to help you rebalance your body, mind and soul.

Follow Nature’s law of Cure

Dr. Mayurkumar
The steps we take

Consultation – What to expect

We start by talking about whatever ailment is bothering you and we’ll discuss your medical history. Everything you say is completely confidential.

I’ll then use different tools and methods for a physical examination, like taking your blood pressure for example. From here, I’ll recommend tests and other diagnostic procedures, which can be done by a laboratory. An example of this is a blood sugar test for a diabetes patient. If the consultation is taking place by phone or online, I will give instructions on what information I need to receive, like photos of your tongue for instance and test results.

Based on the physical examination and totality of mental and/or emotional factors, I’ll explain the underlying causes of your symptoms from a homeopathy perspective. I’ll describe the steps we’ll take to help you feel well again.

I’ll prescribe homeopathic medicines and where needed, I’ll add dietary and lifestyle advice to help you feel better.

During or after the treatment we will always have a follow up consultation, either by phone, online or in person.


I am a Registered Homeopath, approved by the Maharashtra Council of Homeopathy, and I have also completed post graduate course of studies in “Homeopathic system of medicines” in the field of Homeopathy from the renowned Hahnemann College of Homeopathy, UK.
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